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The Karimjee Jivanjee Foundation (KJF) is the philanthropic arm of the Karimjee Group. The Group is a family-owned business founded by the Karimjee Jivanjee Family with over 195 years of existence. Since arriving in Tanzania in 1825, the family have been carrying out charitable work in local communities throughout the country.


For seven generations, KJF has supported causes and organisations that share its values and tradition. KJF believes in long term and sustainable action to tackle the social challenges facing the country and its communities. 2023 is the 13-year anniversary of the Foundation’s official registration in Tanzania.



Committed to creating a bright future for young Tanzanians through education and empowerment.



To develop the next generation of leaders; the change makers and innovators, that have the potential to change Tanzania and the world.


KJF provide educational scholarships, empower reading and learning, support women and girl’s rights, inclusion and science, technology and social entrepreneurship and promote wildlife conservation. The Foundation has made a tangible difference to the lives of thousands of young Tanzanians, through its own scholarship programmes and support to a select group of education centred NGO’s and philanthropic networks.

Our Purpose


Yusuf Karimjee - Chairman
Vinoo Somaiya - Trustee
Rishad Karimjee - Trustee
Jasmine Karimjee - Trustee


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